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Being a Stroke Survivor, I felt compelled to create this blog as a way of giving thanks to you all and pay forward my experience of having a life changing stroke and my road to recovery. 

To my friends, family, caregivers and folks interested in my personal recovery, I want to say Thank You

Thanks for your diligence in caring for me, thanks for your prayers, thanks for your kind thoughts and generous donations during this time in my life.

 I feel truly blessed! 

Click the link below to watch my rehab videos and to make a  donation to my fund if you so choose to.


We are half way to our goal  :))

Norwalk Hospital Rehab Facility


i'm building stronger friendships & business relationships!

As a Stroke survivor 

I have lot's of hard work ahead of me for a full recovery. I welcome the challenge with open arms. Moving forward,  I'll need to keep a positive attitude staying focused day by day.

  • After over 30 years of managing a tile installation co, and because I  had a Stroke,  I'm forced to change my career. As a result,  I'm doing tiling consulting now. 
  •  I strongly feel it would be a shame to waste all of what I learned while tiling all of those years and so I'm more than happy to share my tiling knowledge and know how here with you all to start building business relationships.
  •  If your doing a tiling project or have any questions relating to tiling, please go below to ask me;

             JUST ASK BLAINE

  • I've had to re-invent myself in order to make a living these days lucky for me, I started doing this years ago and have had a good amount of success. 
  • I now own and operate a successful INTERNET MARKETING Business called The Booker Ads. I focus on 2 to 3 successful online business models to copy and initiate. I teach serious students wanting to learn how to get started and set-up online in their own Digital Marketing Business while using free tools to do it. The course itself is very affordable, easy to follow and easy to understand. Our training is implemented  by using high quality Video training modules. I'm happy to share more info with anyone interested. Go below to; 


I didn't think I could but now realize I can. I have no choice in the matter.

It is said that all things happen for a reason and that "when one door closes another door opens."

 I have found this to be true many times in my life. 

Recovery after a stroke is not easy to put it lightly but with the support system that I'm fortunate to have,


 I always  try to stay positive about life and keep a positive attitude even during a tough time like this. 

 In terms of recovery, I find it to be 90% mental and 10%  physical. With God's grace, occupational and physical therapy,



My daily routine goes like this

  1. Check in with God.
  2. Check in with my mind and body and soul.
  3. Check in with life.

I spend time reading the bible for spiritual strength in the mornings,

then eat a nutritional breakfast paying close attention to sodium, sugar cholesterol and fat intake, Give thanks for the new day and

 go about my daily exercises, chores and work.

I've also started taking CBD supplements to aid in healing, focus, sleeping and energy. They really help me a lot but do your own research I'm not a health professional. 

you can find more info on CBD and the Hemp plant Here!

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Status Updates

My Hurdles/Milestones

May 10, 2019

Checked into Norwalk Hospital with stroke symptoms 

May 17, 2019

Checked into Danbury Rehab Unit, Left side of body largely paralyzed. 

June 7, 2019 

 After 1 month of intense physical, occupational and speech therapy I checked out of the Danbury Hospital walking with a cane.

1st week July 2019

Started physical therapy at Norwalk Hospital Rehab

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