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Blaine's Short Term Disability Blog, is Building Healthy Relationships!

Being a Stroke Survivor I felt the need to create this blog as a way of giving thanks to you all and pay forward my experience of having a life-changing stroke and what my road to recovery is like. 

To my friends, family, caregivers and folks interested in my personal recovery, I want to say a huge Thank You! 

Thanks for your diligence in caring for me, thanks for your prayers, thanks for your kind words and generous donations to me during this ruff time. 

 I'm truly blessed to be here! 

Click the link below to watch my rehab videos or to make a donation to My Stroke Fund.


We are half way to our goal  :))

Norwalk Hospital Rehab Facility


Blaine practicing running after stroke

Working hard to be able to run again after I had my stroke.

Working on left knee kicks

Trying hard to get back into form again

Blaine working on right knee kicks

Working hard on right knee kicks, much better than left but need to regain my strength.

Left shoulder raises

Finally able to raise, control and lower my left shoulder after 6 months.

Playing drums 9 months post stroke

Trying to reconnect my brain to my body to start to playing my drums again!

Blaine running 8 months post stroke

Blaine doing sprinting exercises to improve running ability eight months post struck #StrokeWarriors #StrokeAwareness #StrokeRecovery 

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Back To Basics


I didn't think I could but now realize I can. I have no choice in the matter.

It is said that all things happen for a reason and that "when one door closes another door opens."

 I have found this to be true many times in my life. 

Recovery after a stroke is not easy to put it lightly but with the support system that I'm fortunate to have, this will pass and be a short term disability.


 I always try to stay positive about life and keep a positive attitude even during a tough time like this. 

 In terms of recovery, I find it to be 80% mental and 20%  physical. With God's grace, occupational and physical therapy,

I'll make a full recovery!


 My daily routine goes like this

  1. Check in with God.
  2. Check in with my mind and body and soul.
  3. Check in with life.

I spend time reading the bible for spiritual strength in the mornings,

then eat a nutritional breakfast paying close attention to sodium, sugar cholesterol and fat intake,

 Give thanks for the new day and

 go about my daily exercises, chores and online marketing .

I've also started taking CBD supplements to aid in healing, focus, sleeping and energy. They really help me a lot but do your own research I'm not a health professional. 


Silhouette of a man going the stages of Neuronal Rejuvenation.

My Stroke Status With New Updates

May 10, 2019

Checked into Norwalk Hospital with stroke symptoms 

May 17, 2019

Checked into Danbury Rehab Unit, Left side of body largely paralyzed. 

June 7, 2019 

 After 1 month of intense physical, occupational and speech therapy I checked out of the Danbury Hospital walking with a cane.

1st week July 2019

Started physical therapy at Norwalk Hospital Rehab

Aug 2019

I'm able to raise my left hand enough to have a drink of water. It takes a little time but I can do it :)

I'm able to stomp my left foot with a little authority now, (hi-hat foot.) watch out drum set here I come!

Hand extensions starting to come around

Jogged around PT facility with therapist (was ugly but I did it.)

Able to use my left hand to hold and squeeze and finally release items.

SEPT 2019

Washing dishes and more.. 

Hand extensions much better now with way less pain and stiffness. I feel this is due to OT and CBD oil.

OCT 2019

Able to raise lefthand above my shoulder.

 Jogging is improving with less dragging of my left foot

Left ankle strength is improving, I have much more control

Walking with less foot drag on left side

I feel like my brain has started to connect more with my left side and feel like this will be a short term disability

Getting ready for my next OT and PT evaluation in November.

Able to tie plastic bags but still unable to tie my shoelaces

Able to hold my drumstick and make a slight stroke with it :)

NOV- DEC 2019

Left ankle movement still slow in recovery (can't push off with much force)

I've beed working with the (Baps Bd) to help as well as trying to play my drums.

Left  knee stiffness getting better, about 80% as well as my left leg strength

My left wrist, fingers, hand,muscels, shoulder only about 40% with a fair amount of stiffness.

Left side of face st, mouth and neck still partially numb. 

All said after 6 months,  I'm very pleased and optimistic with the results thus far. I'm excited to see what happens in the next 6 months with PT and OT:)

Obviously my prescribed medicines, rest, nutrition and diet are huge so stick to a healthy regimen.


Stay focused on my regimen, stay in the spirit (God First) 

Lay down abeat on my drumset

Get my social life back

Spend time with my daughter

Grow my business!

More Updates Coming!


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So what's on you mind today!

Whether your question is related to me Living as a Stroke Survivor, Online Marketing or Tiling Expert, I'd love to hear from you so feel free to ask your questions here! 

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